The Non-Environmental Benefits of Planting Trees

While various environmental benefits of planting trees such as oxygen production, habitat and food for animals, and reducing water run-off are well known. Several other benefits such as the social, economic, and communal impact of trees are not as well known, but they are no less important for the world.

The health and mood of people can be benefited by simply seeing trees and the natural beauty they can provide for the world.

Social Benefits

Often trees like those found in a backyard are planted by older generations for the benefit of younger ones or are planted in memoriam or for the honor of people close to the owner. By being around a tree planted for a person, it can often bring friends and family closer together and help to handle stress and other negative emotions.

The beauty of nature and trees cannot be understated when it comes to healing emotional wounds, and for reducing stress. A simple walk in a forest or garden can often do far more for people than they realize, while also helping promote exercise and a reduction in violence in natural landscapes.

Economic Benefits

Certain trees can provide shade during the summer if they are well placed, while others can direct sunlight during winter into a house, potentially saving money on heating and cooling throughout the year. Other trees and shrubs can also work to prevent wind damage as well as keeping the cold wind from reaching the house if they are placed in the correct position.

Trees also help deal with water runoff and the aftermath of storms by catching and using rainwater for themselves, helping to reduce runoff and putting the water back into the environment. They can also prevent soil erosion and keep the soil of the property healthy and strong.

Planting trees also provides a positive economic benefit for the logging industry. Whether we like it or not, the logging industry is a way of life for many, and with wages falling and more and more loggers in countries like Norway relying on forbrukslån and similar services to get by; a tree planted today can provide a meal for a logger’s family 50 years from now, while at the same time giving you 50 years of neighborhood and social benefits as well.

Neighborhood Benefits

By simply having a beautiful tree or set of trees in a yard, neighbors can benefit as well from the beauty and health benefits. Studies show that tree lined streets can cause traffic to go slower and drivers to be more aware, while also reducing violence and graffiti in city centers.

Trees can also help reduce noise pollution and complement the design of a neighborhood, bringing people and buyers to the area and the shops within it. Tree lined areas can also bring people towards the shops and keep them in the area longer.


Trees aren’t just beneficial to communities for their environmental role in producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, but by also enhancing the beauty, emotional stability, and safety of the people who live near them.

By simply taking the time to slow down when trees are present, most people can take a deep breath and calm down, or relax in fond memories of climbing trees or building tree forts, or connect to a loved one. By having beautiful trees, such as cherry blossoms or apple trees nearby, neighbors can bond over shared experiences. Who wouldn’t like that to happen?