I’m a Tree Hugger and You Should Be, Too

It’s hard to imagine a world without trees. To be honest, I’d rather not have to. Aside from the devastating global effects that would be wrought were the last tree to fall; the view would be awful. I mean, can you just picture how barren it would be?

Where Would All the Poets go?

It’s a fair question. Robert Frost would have to take a different route, because there’d be no path through the woods, less traveled or otherwise. There’d be no woods. No shaded glens for lover’s trysts. Nowhere for Snow White to hide from the Evil Queen.

The Brother’s Grimm would probably be out of a day job, as well, considering how many of their tales were set in forests. Poor Tarzan, he’d need to learn to ride a bike or something. Macbeth’s witches would have been easier to see, but that’s not exactly a good thing.

Smokey is Counting on You

I think we’vecovered the bleak landscape a treeless world would be, so how do we stop it? Well, the easiest way is to plant a tree, of course. We also must take care of the ones we have now. One of the coolest things about trees is how long they live. Plant a tree today, and if healthy and well nourished, it will outlive the person who planted it quite often. There are trees thousands of years old!

Practicing fire safety seemed like a no brainer when we were little, didn’t it? So, how do so many wildfires happen? The truth is, we humans aren’t as kind to our environment as we should be. People get lazy or forget basic safety rules. Some of us are greedy and willing to decimate entire forests to elevate their earnings. Sad, but true.

Arbor Day is Great, Why Not Cremate?

When I release my grasp upon the thread of life, my family has been instructed to turn me into a tree. That’s not as silly as it seems. There are some cool options for how we repopulate our forests, and some of them just happen to be by cremation of humans and animals. Weird, but worth it. Basically, you are cremated after death and your ashes are used to fertilize a seed or sapling.

This helps the environment in several ways. First, you’re planting and feeding a tree that helps filter the air, creates habitats for animals, and gives us oxygen. Next, you’re using less space. Burial plots take up a lot of room. Lastly, you reduce the chemicals of the embalming process which leach into the ground over time.

Go Green for Your Mom

Mother Nature has given humanity so many gifts. How lucky we are that this Earth is our home. We’ve been to space and back countless times over the past half century, and still haven’t found another planet that is inhabited like ours. So, get out there and make the Lorax proud; plant a tree.