How to Carry Out a Tree Planting Event

One of the best ways to protect nature, get closer to it, and stave off the effects of deforestation is to organize a tree planting event. These events can not only put your town on the map if media gets involved but also can bring a community closer to one another and ourEarth.

Much like any event, a large amount of planning is needed to ensure its success, with everything from the event itself to its aftermath needing to be thought of beforehand. The most important factor to consider is timing because having a proper plan with specific times and dates can really make the project a success.

Land Acquisition

Always make sure to talk to whoever owns the land the trees will be planted on because they might want to help or have some knowledge about what trees grow best in their area. Everything from soil samples to the amount of sunlight the land will get needs to be understood so the trees have the most amounts of space to grown.

Make sure to also be clear and consistent when ordering trees, and know everything from the type and size of the tree, to when they will actually be available.

Work with Volunteers

Volunteers are going to be the lifeblood of the event, and ensuring that they will be well trained and enthusiastic about the environment will only infect the other volunteers with their spirit. Training volunteers well before the event will help keep confusion to a minimum and will enable the work to get done faster.

Then the trained volunteers can help with tasks and even teach the other volunteers to plant the trees and manage the time of the event. One way to manage the spirit of the volunteer workforce is to ensure their needs are taken care of and providing food, water, and entertainment.

The Day Of

On the day of the event, ensure that the water, mulch, digging supplies, and other materials are ready to go and that the places where the trees are to be planted are all marked. This will allow the volunteers to arrive at the site, get into their teams and instantly start working or be shown how to do things.

Provide short breaks where food and water can be provided, and discuss the environmental benefits of what is being done with the team.

Once the planting is done, be sure to clean up and also think about the aftermath of the planting. Who will be caring for the trees? How much watering will need to be done?

Be sure to document the number of volunteers, take photos, and collect feedback on the event from the people who went. By having an accurate idea of how many volunteers came, what worked and what needs to be improved, and pictures, it will help make a similar event easier to plan and spread to the rest of the world.

With the help from the community and some hard work, a tree planting event will not only bring the community closer together but will also give the environment some much needed trees and support that will stay for years to come.